Using financial technology to catalyze social impact


8of9 is a NYC-based consulting firm focused on regulatory change management in the financial services industry. 8of9 envisions a world where modern financial technology can be used to better finance social change. To achieve this, they created T9E, the first ever “finpact” ratings system to evaluate both the financial and impact performance of social enterprises and catalyze the impact investing space.



Agenda28 was hired to develop a prototype of the T9E platform to reflect the innovative investing scheme developed by T9E. The platform should be attractive to investors and companies with a social mission and be easy to understand through the implementation of a unique graphic rating system. 8of9 also asked Agenda28, to redesign the 8of9 brand identity and their website.



We designed a web-based prototype that could attract potential investors of T9E. The corporate image was designed to recall the green color and sphere that characterize the firm but with a more professional image. The website was designed to have a modern, attractive look & feel.


Learn more about T9E here


  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design


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