Barakat Bundle

Reducing infant and maternal mortality in South Asia.



Every year almost 5 million infants die, more than a third of these deaths occur in South Asia. Barakat Bundle was created to reduce preventable infant and maternal mortality in South Asia. Inspired by the Finish Baby Box, Barakat Bundle is a curated package of evidence-based public health interventions paired with demand-inducing maternal and baby care items to support expectant mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and infant care.



Barakat Bundle partnered with Agenda28 and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) to design a bundle based on a Human Centered Design approach so it responded to the needs and desires of the Indian population. The challenge was to design a low-cost bundle that could double itself as a portable crib in which the baby can sleep or play, and contain other health products.



During September and October 2015, Agenda28, Barkat Bundle, and PHFI worked in the state of Gujarat, India performing Human Centered Design activities to learn about the target market needs, test 4 different prototypes, and define the design guidelines for the final product.


Agenda28 is currently working on the final design of the crib. Stay tuned for more news!


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