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A growing number of consumers are making social impact a factor in their purchasing decisions. They want to buy local, shop organic, go green, get sweatshop-free, and more. But finding and validating information on business practices can be hard—no one is putting it all in one place and making it easy for consumers to use.



DoneGood hired Agenda28 to create the front-end design of an app that makes it easy to find and support businesses that not only provide consumers value but also share their values. Users can choose icons representing the values that matter to them such as “Green,” “Supports Workers,” “Organic,” “Woman- or Minority-owned,” and “Locally-sourced.” The challenge was to create an app that attracted socially conscious consumers through a fresh look and feel, and provided a great user experience so consumers could easily find local like-minded businesses.



We designed an app that incorporated wood, a material attractive to socially conscious consumers, which also provided a more tactile experience. The graphic design is focused on icons that represent the values, and colors that facilitate the relation between value and business. The UI allows users to move easily from the directory/map, to their profile where they can measure their goodness and add favorites, and to the section for recommended events and venues. In August 2015, the DoneGood app was launched in Boston with great success. The DoneGood app is now available for download on the App and Android Store.


Download the app  here.


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