Good Nature Seeds

Cultivating a Better Future



Zasaka is a fast-growing social enterprise that works with small-scale farmers in Zambia to generate lasting income. Farmers in the programme develop their skills to manage their fields for long-term productivity and profitability. Zasaka operates a seed and crop marketing company that encourages farmers to diversify their crop portfolio, employ farm practices that grow the health and profitability of their land, and translate small-scale loans and programs into whole-farm adoption.



Agenda28 was asked to create a trade name for Zasaka that became synonymous of their brand and which was automatically associated with their product – legume seeds. The new brand needed to compete with larger scale agro corporations while still conveying Zasaka’s core social mission.



The name Good Nature Seeds plays with different meanings, the literal and the undertone that speaks of the benefits nature gives us, Zasaka’s work and the passion and commitment of the farmers towards their livelihood. The logo is an abstract representation of a growing crop combined with a typeface that conveys modernity.

Photos by Amie Fletcher.


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