Little Bookmates

Promoting reading culture in emerging economies


Reading culture is extremely important for the development of a child. However, in emerging countries the culture of reading is still very low, especially in poor communities where they do not have the means to purchase books. Little Bookmates is a book subscription service for the Mexican market. Users receive each month a package of books delivered to their door. The following month they will exchange the books for a new package and so on. One percentage of the profits is donated to build libraries in low-income communities in Mexico.



Agenda28 was asked to design the brand identity of Little Bookmates. The challenge was to create a fun brand that would appeal to children. For this project, we conducted brainstorming sessions to understand the best way to build the business model and shape the Little Bookmates brand.



We created an isotype that represented a character friendly to children, smart and with a passion to read like the users of Little Bookmates. The colors are attractive to girls and boys and the packaging is reusable and easy to produce


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