1 in every 68 children in the US has autism. This community faces an enormous challenge to enter the job market due to their fear of public speaking or making eye contact while speaking. To tackle this problem, AutismSees developed Podium, a technology to help people with autism, and other social communication disabilities, learn to communicate effectively in stressful social situations.



AutismSees hired Agenda28 to design the brand identity of Podium and their presentation deck for the Mass Challenge competition. The challenge was to create a trendy logo that allowed AutismSees to rebrand all their marketing materials with the name of Podium.



We created logo composed of a linear icon with basic geometric forms, that although abstract, it easily conveys the idea of a podium. The simplicity of the isotype  allows it to be placed in a vast range of applications, and be reproduced in print and 3D. The color scheme matches the one from Autismsees so the transition was smooth for users.


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