Making research more efficient


Research is crucial for the advancement of science, the development of innovations, and the finding of cures to some of the most devastating diseases. However, research costs are extremely high. To increase the efficiency of research and decrease its costs, TetraScience created an Internet-of-Things platform to enable scientists & engineers to monitor and control their experimentation, manage their data, and analyze it all in the cloud.



TetraSicience hired Agenda28 to perform UX research, and create the front-end design of their online platform where scientist can monitor all their devices. The challenge was to achieve an innovative and impactful user experience that allows scientists to improve their research through an Internet of things lab. Additionally, TetraScience asked us to design their branding applications to communicate a modern and professional look.



We designed an online platform for scientists to add their lab devices, and record their information with simple, effective and attractive dashboards and journals. All information can be accessed in one place and on any device to increase efficiency and create a positive impact by advancing the scientific fields. The branding applications have a look and feel that conveys the idea of high tech and position strongly the isotype of the brand.



  • Design Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design


  • TetraScience