Stories of Influence



Western gray whales are one of the species listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red list of Threatened Species. Efforts to mitigate the threats to western gray whales and encourage the growth of the population led a panel of IUCN-led independent scientists to advise Sakhalin Energy to limit the impact of its operations on whales. The result is a growth of 3-4% for the whale population annually over the past 12 years. The Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel (WGWAP) is an example of the success cooperation between corporations and panels of scientists can have for conservation and business.



Agenda28 designed the layout of the WGWAP: Stories of Influence report incorporating throughout photographs of the western gray whales and the efforts from the organizations to save the species, graphs that facilitate the understanding of the impact WGWAP has had on the whale population, and highlights of important facts that make the report attractive and accesible to a general audience.



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