Talent Program

We have witnessed how empowering is to create designs that have a positive impact in the world. What if we give young designers from underserved communities the opportunity to experience impact design? What if we teach them to solve complex problems through design and make them see that they also have the power to transform their lives and communities?

To make this vision a reality, we created the Talent Program. Selected recipients receive  continuous education, and mentorship to gain new skills, improve their portfolios, and participate in the creation of designs that have the potential to change the world.



It all started when I had to decide what degree to study. A lot of people didn’t have faith in me since I never liked school, I can’t lie about that. I wasn’t good in math. It was difficult for me because I wasn’t as smart as other children. I wanted to study graphic design because I wanted a world full of color, a world where people surrounding me would notice my designs. I wanted people to acknowledge the love I have for creating.

My grandfather didn’t think studying graphic design was a good idea because I wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it. He wanted me to be a doctor, but that just wasn’t for me. I rejected the idea of medicine and looked for other options. I wanted to study archeology, music, art or gastronomy, but any option related to art wasn’t approved in my household. Despite all criticism, I decided to study design and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I dream of becoming a well-known designer, although I know I still have a lot to learn.

When I started college I thought it was amazing. I had a lot of willingness to learn, to explore my creativity. I realized that I was finally a good student. I felt confident, without pressure. I just wanted to overcome any obstacle. While I was studying I lived happy moments, but also very difficult ones. The last years of college I had to work and study at the same time since my mother had a very hard time paying for school. I then realized that school gives you the foundation but there is nothing better than to start working.

Once I graduated, I continued to work at different companies doing graphic and web design. There were some difficult moments because I kept hearing they didn’t believe in me.

I currently work at a company where I have learned a lot about print making, but more importantly I’m also part of Agenda28’s talent program. When I started no one believed it was true. Nobody thought it was possible that I was part of a program run online. When I had online meetings, my sister would tease me saying that I was talking to my imaginary friend. Months later, my family is starting to support me, although still not fully. I must confess I’m really nervous to be part of such a program, but at the same time I feel very excited and motivated.

I’m very proud to be part of Agenda28’s talent program because they support me to achieve my goals. I know I still have a long way to go, but I will get there one step at a time. This is Ana and the story doesn’t end here. There will be more to come but this is just the start of a journey.


Ana graduated from a small college in Mexico City. Despite her efforts to get a college degree, she earns $2.20 USD per hour at her current job. By being part of Agenda28’s Talent Program Ana receives a monthly scholarship to continue training on graphic and web design. Based on monthly tasks assigned and reviewed by Agenda28, Ana is gaining new skills that will allow her to earn a better salary.

This program could not be possible without each one of our Clients that when hiring us are supporting the Talent Scholars.

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