Closing the education gap through corporate training


Education is lagging in most developing countries in Latin America. This problem is translated in the lack of a trained workforce that can compete in the global economy. To close the education gap, the private sector is playing a growing role in education throughout the world. Firms can no longer rely solely on the education the government provides. Instead, they need tools to help workers acquire new competencies and update their skills. VenturesSoft, leader in Human Resources technologies in Latin America, decided to create an online university to help corporations in this endeavor.



VenturesSoft hired Agenda28 to design an online platform to deliver online training programs. The challenge was to create a platform where users can gain new skills, while employers administer and track the learning curve.



Agenda28 designed a learning management system that focuses on employees developing new skills, encouraging innovation, and improving their day to day work experience. The interface allows them to learn at their own pace and on any device. When they successfully complete a course, the LMS automatically informs the employer and sends test results.


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